Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies (diploma Hyp/Psy. PNLP.) GHR

I have a rather unusual background in that I started as a banker in Russia, and though the job was interesting but not exciting and very stressful… So by the time my family moved to London I realized that I needed something more interesting and rewarding , some career that involves helping people .

I always have been interested in how our mind works, how we think and what we feel and how our mind, body and soul interact. And I always liked to work with people.

Being an integrative therapist gives me a great opportunity to help people dealing with various issues.

It is very important to me that during the session you will feel comfortable and at ease. And of course it will be strictly confidential. You will never feel judged but always listened and heard. Step by step you will learn how to cope with your problems and move forward with your life, gaining clarity and reaching your full potential.

All you need to do is to be very passionate about the goals you want to reach and be ready and open during our mutual work.